Player Evaluations Update – 2016

In response to member feedback from last season, we’re making a couple changes to the player evaluation process this season. A key theme was to reduce the opportunity for familiarity and / or parental bias when it comes to player evaluations. We’ve taken two steps to address this: multiple coaches’ input on the player evaluations and third party on-ice tryout evaluators instead of NYH coaches.

Coaches’ Player Evaluations

Simply, we’ve added the requirement that the head coach and one or more assistants collaborate on the year-end player evaluations. The intent is to prevent a situation where a single coach-player relationship unfairly affects the evaluation results.

Third Party On-Ice Tryout Evaluators

We are going to employ four Pro Ambitions staff to evaluate the players on-ice. Each age-level head (or proxy) will lead the sessions for their respective age group. Four independent evaluators and one NYH representative will provide the composite evaluation results.

The third party evaluators option is a test run for NYH. It comes at a cost and needs to show commensurate benefit.

The coaches’ evaluations remain the most heavily weighted component of player evaluations. Coaches have been involved with the players for more than five months at the point when feedback is submitted. The isolated skills of tryouts or an exceptionally strong or weak showing during the evaluators’ brief glimpses do not take precedence over a much larger body of work that includes the whole player experience such as coachability, participation, being a good teammate, and other “intangibles”.


Goalies will continue to be evaluated on-ice by the Eklund organization, Mass Crease Goaltending.



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